Build vs. Buy

How to Determine the Best Solution For Your Audience Engagement Needs
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What's inside?

This eBook is full of practical tips to understand the long-term requirements imperative to staying competitive in the changing media landscape along with:

The skillsets your organization must have in place to build and maintain a custom audience engagement solution.
The technical considerations any build-versus-buy decision relies on.
How to approach budget in your decision to build or buy an engagement platform.

What Our Customers Have to Say

“Having a single platform to support all our audience engagement needs is a key strength to empowering our newsrooms and unique local communities.”

Jon Beard
Director of Digital Product Development, Graham Media


“Viafoura Community Building Suite lets us be more responsive to our users, and has drastically cut down on time required to moderate comments. We look forward to incorporating new Viafoura features on, including Live Stories and notifications, that help us share important news and updates with our readers.”

Erica Smith
Director of Digital Strategy, The Virginian-Pilot