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Panel Discussion: Moderation in a Time of Unprecedented Change

Wednesday, September 16th

7 AM PT | 10 AM EST | 3 PM CET

Between people’s uncertainty about the state of the world and increasing tensions around social justice, individuals from all walks of life are using social spaces online as an outlet to share their opinions.

Unfortunately, some of this content is proving to be harmful to the overall health of digital communities.

Join our industry expert panel to learn about all things moderation and what you can do to keep your digital properties safe!

Presented by:

Viafoura | Graham Media | Editor & Publisher

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Wednesday, September 16th

7am PT| 10am EST | 3pm CET

What We'll Discuss

6767 - Energy

The Current State of the World

How digital publishers' philosophy around moderation is changing and why.

6781 - Meaning

Identifying & Responding to Trolls

What kind of trolls are there? How do you easily spot them and what do you do about them. We'll talk through real examples and best practices.

6768 - Infrastructure

How to Reclaim Your Digital Properties

How do you get ownership back of your brand identity and get advertisers to want to be on your site.

6792 - Organizational Structure

Your Turn: Question & Answers

We'll give you an opportunity to ask our panel questions about your moderation needs.

Our Panel

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Matthew Cibellis

ONA Member, Cibellis Solutions

Matthew has helped design and implement engaging live and virtual programs for more than a decade, helping news organizations develop specialized content to reach key audiences and meet business objectives. He has played a central role in developing an array of virtual projects, including online summits, virtual talk shows, and subscriber-only webinars.
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Dustin Block

Audience Development Lead, Graham Media

Dustin is a media professional with 19 years experience building online news experiences for local and national audiences. He's focused on engagement journalism and smart ways to grow digital audiences into community news evangelists.

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Leigh Adams

Director Moderation Services, Viafoura

For over ten years, Leigh has been working closely with publishers to help weather the storms of online commenting. She is also experienced in working with newsrooms to manage user engagement and behavior. Currently, Leigh helps bridge the gap between automated and human moderation solutions.