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The New Rules of Moderation

On Demand | 1hr

With 2020 almost behind us, many digital media brands saw engagement grow significantly throughout the year due to the pandemic and US election. We'll explore how moderation plays a key role in maintaining increased engagement and how it benefits your digital properties.

Presented By:


Graham Media

USA Today

Editor & Publisher


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What We'll Discuss:


  • How moderation can promote a healthy conversation that adds value to the conversation
  • How moderation can increase multiple revenue streams
  • The positive effects of highlighting the best of your community
  • Best practices and examples!

Our Panel:

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Dustin Block

Audience Development Lead, Graham Media

Dustin is a media professional with 19 years experience building online news experiences for local and national audiences. He's focused on engagement journalism and smart ways to grow digital audiences into community news evangelists.

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Michelle Maltais

Managing Editor, Consumer News, USA Today

Michelle has over 20 years experience as a editor, writer, and audience engagement strategist. She has an expertise in leveraging social media for positive company exposure and was proudly part of the team that won a 2016 Pulitzer Prize for breaking news.

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Leigh Adams

Director Moderation Services, Viafoura

For over ten years, Leigh has been working closely with publishers to help weather the storms of online commenting. She is also experienced in working with newsrooms to manage user engagement and behavior. Currently, Leigh helps bridge the gap between automated and human moderation solutions.

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Mike Blinder

Owner/Publisher, Editor and Publisher Magazine

Mike has a long history with media and eventually started one of the 1st digital newspapers in the United Stated where he was nominated by the Newspaper Association of American as "Digital Pioneer." Today, Mike owns one of the world's most respected media consulting firms and is Publisher of Editor and Publisher Magazine where he continues to help influence and educate the global media industry.