Digiday Publishing Summit

September 19-21 | Miami FL

Join us at the Digiday Publishing Summit to hear how media companies are building and adapting their business models to address and overcome the current economic climate. Walk away from this event with a better understanding of how other media organizations are building a more sustainable future.

Don't forget to attend our fireside chat at 5:10 p.m.

How Playmaker is driving fan engagement and optimizing its user conversion funnel


Federico Grinberg, EVP, Playmaker / FSN
Mark Zohar, CEO, Viafoura

What will we talk about:

Finding compelling ways to engage digital audiences in consistent, frictionless and meaningful ways is a challenge many publishers are currently tackling. In this fireside chat, learn how Playmaker is evolving its digital strategy to deepen fan engagement and drive tangible outcomes around registrations, audience segmentation and first-party data.

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